The Feeding Learning Curve

So how much should my 12 week old baby be drinking every day? According to the guidelines on the back of the tins, (and I have compared several different brands,) she should be drinking 4-5 feeds of 180 ml each time, and now she has turned twelve weeks, that should jump to 240 ml each time. I appreciate these are just guidelines, but should I be worried that she cannot ever fit that quantity in her belly in one go? She has never moved past smaller feeds at more frequent intervals, and regularly only manages around 100 ml at a time every three hours.

However, she is putting on weight and is healthy and happy, and the guidelines don’t seem to take into account individuality. Some adults are grazers, and some like to pig out, surely that can be the same for babies? Breast feeding mums don’t have a measure on their boobs to tell them how much baby has drunk, after all. One of the most nerve wracking thing with a first baby is that every minute of every day is a learning curve. And a steep one at that. It is like being on a course every single day about something I know absolutely nothing about. As each day goes by, I begin to feel more like an old pro, and then just as a think i have something sussed, she changes the game. A false sense of security if ever there was one.

That’s one of the crazy juxtapositions of first time parenting. The thrill of discovering the new, contrasted with the terror of realising I don’t know the rules for this part of the game. It seems crazy in some ways to worry about the fact that she isn’t following the exact guidelines on the formula time; after all, she can’t read them and she is a human being, not a robot. But then, as a first time mother, it is difficult to keep the worrying at bay, and I am sure the wonderful gift of hindsight will show me just how unnecessary most of my worries were. I wonder what the next one will be?


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