Breast is best but formula isn’t so bad either.

I know that the heading of this article puts me in the firing line from the breastfeeding mafia. And even writing this article actually makes me a little bit of a fraud, as I haven’t actually made the switch from breast to formula yet. My daughter is still small, although in a few weeks, we will need to make the switch when I return to work. However, the reason we haven’t made the switch yet is simple. Guilt.

It doesn’t feel like it is my free choice to make. Every time I try to search for tips on how to make the switch, the advice starts with judgemental statements reminding me that breast milk should be the only thing my baby has until she is six months old. What about financial commitments that necessitate returning to work and make this impossible? Regardless of all the other factors I have discussed in my previous posts, it is important to remember that formula is a viable option and things aren’t always as simple as parenting websites like them to be.

Considerations such as wanting my body back at some stage make me seem like a selfish mother and are so rarely voiced by other mums that even having the thought pass through my mind makes me feel like a hideous mother and ever so alone. The only woman honest enough to voice this that I have found is the unmumsymum. How I wish I had found the post below with my first daughter. Our breast feeding journey has been infinitely simpler with my second daughter and I will sorely miss the night time feeds and closeness when we no longer have it. But things evolve. Babies grow. New stages occur. And I could certainly do without being made to feel like I am deciding to make a poor and unhealthy choice of my baby by other mums and the medical profession. Unmumsymum, I salute you.


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